homoeopathic aspect in Neurological Diseases

homoeopathic aspect in oncology

Homoeopathy can be a beneficial treatment alternative in Neurological and Psychiatric Maladies (NPM) as it treats the patient holistically taking mind and body into account. Furthermore, it is being known for having no side effect. Of a homoeopathic perspective, the prevalence of NPM in our society isn't just the consequence of living in a fast-paced, stressful society, but also because our medical care system has effectively suppressed various physical illnesses.

Homoeopaths affirm that by treating symptoms as “causes” rather than as “effects”, whereas, conventional medicine masks the symptoms without curing the underlying disease process. It hypothesises that worse still, the treatment and suppression of symptoms force the disease process more profound into the organism so that it then manifests in more severe physical pathology and more serious psychological disorders.

In this homoeopathic treatment it is much beneficial to Old age diseases like Parkinsons Disease, Alzimers Disease, Apoplexy Conditions, Neuralgic Conditions etc with pure homoeopathic management.