homoeopathic aspect in gynaecological diseases

homoeopathic aspect in gynaecological diseases

Homeopathy can offer good health to women in all stages of their lives from infancy through old age. It is beneficial for the full range of emotional, mental and physical problems that a woman is likely to experience, and can help her through the transitional and developmental milestones of her life.

During the teen years homeopathy can help with the hormonal changes of puberty and the acne that often appears at this time, but primarily it can assist with the emotional upheavals, which frequently occur as little girls make the transition to womanhood. Later in life when a woman gets pregnant, or has a hard time conceiving (homeopathy can help with problems of infertility), it can assist with difficulties frequently encountered, such as morning sickness and depression. By treating the mother during pregnancy and making her as healthy as she can be, we can insure that the baby will be born healthy and free of inherited diseases.

The homeopathic healing art is beneficial in helping women overcome the effects of hormonal shocks to the system, which can occur after a difficult birth, abortion, hysterectomy, and the use of birth control pills. This therapeutic science is also extremely beneficial to women during menopausal age too.

In this homoeopathic treatment it is much beneficial to Uterine Fibroid cases, PCOD Cases, Ovarian Cyst, Conditions like Amenorrhea, Polymenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Adenomyosis cases, and also got improvement in PID with the usage of Homoeopathic Medicine with correct dose and potency.