Homoeopathic_approach_in_emotional_problems Homoeopathic approach in emotional problems

Dr Arun S Raj

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It is said that love makes the world go round. It has also been said that hate keeps it spinning. The sheer power of these emotions has been recognised since the beginnings of time.

It is probably true to say that love is the most unfathomable of the emotions. The Ancient Greeks, those masters at encapsulating sentiments and emotions into the form of deities, made the goddess Aphrodite the very essence of love.  The spread of the various cults and the amalgamation of one into another would have been in evitable in those dim and distant days when one maritime power traded, fought and overcame another.

There are many types of love, and that pride, jealousy and bitterness can all be some how related in the dynamics of relationships. Hate, the negative of love, can stem from any of these. They are all deep and powerful emotions which may lie at the heart of our distress and be the roots of a myriad of ailments.


By this term it refers those conditions which come about through unrequited or disappointed love. They can vary from the loss of interest in life of the proverbially “heart-broken”, to stress-induced asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, or even the development of degenerative diseases. Nowadays we recognise the condition of Broken Heart Syndrome, where by the sudden loss of a loved one can result in a state that mimics a heart attack. Research has demonstrated that this is actually a stress cardiomyopathy. It comes about through the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones, which effectively stun the heart. At its worst it can be fatal, but usually it is entirely reversible. Broken relationships, marital break downs, family squabbles – all of these can produce problems in the individual beyond the initial trauma, sometimes for many years.

The following remedies may help:


Hate is one of the hardest emotions to live with. Whereas love is associated with the heart, hate has been associated with the soul. When it persists for long enough it can almost literally seem to eat away at the soul. All positive emotions become forfeit to the unrelenting burning heat of hate.

When hate rears its head it can never do the individual any good. All sorts of ailments may arise, yet not be linked up with this emotion. It is one of the negative emotions that the individual needs help to release. Homeopathic remedies may help, along with other psychological or counselling techniques.


William Shakespeare was the first to describe jealousy as “the green-eyed monster” in The Merchant of Venice and then Othello, which is a masterful description of this awesome emotion. Those who are afflicted by it can find themselves perpetrating great acts of maliciousness or smaller deeds of spite. It is a completely negative emotion which can cause harm to the individual, as well as to others through the actions of the jealous person.

Defining jealousy is difficult, but It has been believe it as a “mixture of hate and love”. When there is a real conscious feeling of jealousy, then the following remedies might help.


These remedies can be extremely useful in people who have problems with these emotions, or in whom ailments have come about as a result of these deep and powerful emotions. The right remedy in these states can be liberating. As to the inevitable question of potency, when dealing with emotions and conditions arising from emotions, It has been find that the higher potencies work best. For an individual using these remedies the 30c taken twice or three times a day for three days should, if appropriately selected, be adequate to start the re-balancing process.